Super Soft Homemade Donuts

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Not a fan of traditional glaze recipes. I was playing around with ideas for recipes that taste more like K***** K**** donuts and came upon the inspiration that the key is in the name. I tried 3/4 c heavy whipping cream, 2 c powdered sugar and 1 t vanilla. Heat on stove top until hot but not boiling. Rough guess on the quntities because i was just dumping and experimenting, but they were close to that. All I can say is wow. That was the best glaze I ever made.I am excited to try that glaze with this recipe.
This is a great recipe! My daughter came out to the kitchen to get “just one more”. These are delicious! It was a very very light dough, just perfect. A super soft homemade glazed donut.
This recipe is by far the best donut recipe I have tried. The donuts turn out so soft and delicious that we no longer purchase donuts. Awesome recipe.
Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Super Soft Homemade Donuts @

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